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We believe that the secret to success lies in feeling excited about coming to work! This is why we focus on providing a warm and cozy atmosphere where you can meet inspiring people, share ideas and collaborate. Our goal is to create a real community that wants to live a more meaningful life and help each other grow.

Fully Equipped Workspace

This innovative, friendly place is open to all positive and open-minded people who are passionate about the gaming industry and want to collaborate with like-minded members.

With its vibrant spirit and central location, Work del Mar is an ideal place to focus on your work or join some of our community events when you feel like it. We believe that the work-life balance is the foundation of a happy life and we will give you the opportunity to live one.

Mission Statement

To inspire people and businesses of all sizes to build the careers that they love through networking and collaboration.

Vision Statement

Create a balanced work environment where
members become a community helping each other grow together.

Join our community and take advantage of networking opportunities, professional development events, and a supportive environment that will help you reach your goals.


22 Han Omurtag Str.
9000, Varna, Bulgaria

Phone number:

+359 877 160 600


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