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Flexible working for just 23BGN a day

The daily pass offers professionals and remote workers an excellent opportunity to experience a modern and dynamic working environment. Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or just visiting for the day, this daily pass provides access to a well-equipped coworking space designed to foster productivity, collaboration, and comfort.

Experience Work Del Mar

The office is equipped with contemporary furniture and amenities to ensure that individuals can work efficiently and comfortably. Ergonomic chairs and spacious workstations make it easy to settle in and get to work, while the abundance of natural light creates an inviting and energizing atmosphere.

The daily pass includes access to high-speed WiFi, ensuring that you can seamlessly connect to the internet and collaborate with colleagues, clients, or partners. With a reliable and speedy internet connection, you can tackle your tasks without any hindrance, from video conferences to uploading and downloading large files.

Join our community and take advantage of networking opportunities, professional development events, and a supportive environment that will help you reach your goals.


22 Han Omurtag Str.
9000, Varna, Bulgaria

Phone number:

+359 877 160 600


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